Oh. Well.

The working title for this post was “I. Have. Failed.” but I decided to change it since what I was going to write about wasn’t really a failure, or even failure in general, but rather the vagaries of life and dealing with the things it throws at you in an at least halfway graceful manner.

As some of you may know (the event drew national attention), a rather key bridge on I-5 collapsed Thursday night, backing up traffic for miles (thankfully, there were no fatalities). The campground that we had planned on staying at was on the other side of that bridge, and the only alternate route would have had us taking a ferry that would surely have been backed up and delayed due to the increased traffic. Carrie and I decided to book another campsite to the south in Ocean City State Park, Washington.

When we got closer to the campground, we discovered that it was raining quite steadily. We thought that if we could get a canopy we would at least be able to have covering for our campfire and eating area, but just getting a canopy wasn’t enough; we hadn’t planned on camping in the rain, and we didn’t have enough of the right type of clothes and gear with which to make it work out. Within 45 minutes of us arriving at the site, one of our kids had jumped bodily into a puddle, thoroughly soaking one of the two pairs of dry pants that we had allocated for each of them for a two-night stay. One trip to the Wal-Mart in Aberdeen to get a canopy and raincoats and four hours later (after a failed attempt to light a campfire and a dampened meal of hot dogs), Carrie and I admitted defeat and packed up our stuff.

At least we got some cute shots…


Oh well. We are at home now, dry and warm. We have just gotten back from Alki Beach. It was rainy out, but the kids had fun. They still have yet to see the ocean – but that will be another year🙂

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  1. Kat said:

    Let me guess it was Ollie who went into the puddle? Being a success at parenting means knowing when to call it quits… like when your camping weekend gets rained out. Because the thing is there are times when you have to push forward and make it fun anyway and there are times when no one will enjoy themselves so why push forward. Trust me when I say someday you will look back at the photos and say,

    “Wow! Remember when we tried to go camping and the bridge collapsed and we had to go to Walmart and then it rained and we packed up and went home and ordered carryout? That sure was a great weekend.”

    Just saying. ☺ And by the way, we got rained out, too.

    Love you all!

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