I’m serious, I don’t know what happened! :) I had thought that I had completed a posting for this week, but in the process of writing catch-up posts for the two weeks that I knew I was behind, I discovered a third week lurking in there.

Don’t you hate when that happens?

The songs:

  1. Cat Stevens: Bitterblue
  2. Brian Reizell & Joseph Manning Jr.: Metropia
  3. Public Enemy: Bring Tha Noize
  4. Dream Catcha: Find my way home
  5. Siouxse & The Banshees: Hall of Mirrors
  6. Michael Franti & Spearhead: Love don’t wait

The Winner:
Bitterblue, by Cat Stevens.

Here it is the day before a long Fourth of July weekend, and I’m just getting around to posting this. You may notice that there are fewer songs here than usual – I’ve made the decision to split up my Favorites Playlist so that (a) I can continue these posts into the next year, and (2) each song has a greater chance of making it into the final cut.

This week’s contestants:

  • Le Orme: Ad Glorium
  • New Order: Everything’s Gone Green
  • Faze Action: Moving Cities
  • Prince & The Revolution: Raspberry Beret
  • Public Image Limited: Swan Lake

The winner:
Ad Glorium by Le Orme.

Have a good Fourth of July weekend!

This weeks sampling is more of the same: a pretty good mix of styles and artists from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.

  • Simple Minds: Alive and Kicking
  • Dean Gray: The Bad Homecoming
  • DJ Me DJ You: Because
  • Aimee Mann: Calling It Quits
  • Baby Mammoth: Captain Webb
  • Tony Burrell: An Interlude
  • The Postal Service: Natural Anthem
  • Sound Tribe Sector Nine: The New Soma
  • Adam and the Ants: Picasso Visita el Planeta De Los Simios
  • Public Enemy: Rightstarter
  • My Bloody Valentine: To Here Knows When

Winner: Because, by DJ Me, DJ You.

This is probably the most wonderfully eclectic playlist that my algorithm has chosen for me to date :)

  • Miles Davis:All Blues
  • U2: Beautiful Day
  • Aimee Mann: Could’ve been aanyone
  • Heavy Shift: Cutting Loose
  • King’s X:I Just Want To Live
  • Carolina Chocolate Drops: Leaving Eden
  • Big Pig: Money God
  • Rush: New World Man
  • DJ Shadow: The Number Song
  • Outkast: Prototype
  • Smashing Pumpkins: Rocket

The winner:
Leaving Eden,by the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

I couldn’t have planned this had I tried, I suppose. My randomization algorithm (which still has not been fixed to address the dupe artist issue) gave me three songs by Bob Mould, each at various points in his career: as the lead singer for Husker Du, the frontman for Sugar, and a solo artist. What’s even more, this selection covers five of the six decades in which I’ve been alive: 1970’s (Clampdown, released in 1979), 1980’s (Friend, You’ve Go To Fall, released in 1987), 1990’s (Hoover Dam, released in 1992), 2000’s (Ritual De Rua, released in 2002) and 2010’s (Tea Devil, released in 2011).

Up for this “week”:

  • Jai Uttal and the Pagan Love Orchestra: Malkoun
  • The Clash: Clampdown
  • Husker Du: Friend, You’ve Go To Fall
  • Butthole Surfers: Goofy’s Concern
  • Parlament Funkadelic: Hit it and Quit it
  • Sugar: Hoover Dam
  • The Roots: Lovely, Love My Family
  • Afro-Mystik: Ritual De Rua
  • MV & EE: Tea Devil
  • Bob Mould: Who Needs To Dream

Who Needs to Dream by Bob Mould, although I have to say that it was a close toss up between that and Sugar’s Hoover Dam :)

I don’t really have too much that is related specifically to my “Song of the Week” concept save that I recently have filled our spare iPod with what is currently my entire Cafe playlist (500+ songs) so that I could listen to them while driving into work. All this is in aid of a super-secret-special project :)

On tap for this round:

  • Ministry:A**Clown
  • Animal Logic:As Soon As The Sun Goes Down
  • King’s X:False Alarm
  • Bob Mould:The Descent
  • The Aquabats:Fashion Zombies!
  • Groove Armada:Hands Of Time
  • Sound Tribe Sector Nine:Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist
  • Duran Duran:Land
  • OutKast:Prototype
  • Midnight Oil:Surf’s Up tonight

The winner:
Bob Mould’s The Descent. Usually I would have chosen the song by King’s – X (and yes, “False Alarm” was right on my wavelength this morning :) ), but for some reason, giving the nod to the ex Husker Du / Sugar frontman just felt right.

Alas, it seems that my randomization issues multiply to plethora; not only am I seeing multiple entries from the same artist in my list, but now I am seeing multiple offerings from the same recording. Alas, though, this is merely an artifact of the diminishing size of the sample from whence these instrumentations and vocalizations were drawn; still though the absurdist perfectionist that resides within me seeks to rectify this perceived slight sooner than later.

The entrants of this quote-unquoted week:

  • Tycho:Ascension
  • Dzihan & Kaminen:Drophere
  • Santana:Going Home
  • The Smashing Pumpkins:Here is No Why
  • The Smashing Pumpkins:Jellybelly
  • Lionel Ritchie:Just For You
  • The Future Sound of London:Papua New Guinea
  • DJ Shadow:Redeamed
  • Bob Mould:Semper Fi
  • Bassnectar:Fever Ray
  • Erick Truffaz:King-B

For this week, the winning selection is Lionel Ritchie’s Just for You. The version that is acceasble via the provided link comes not from the fuller recording of the same name but rather “Tuskegee”, an effort released in 2012 that featured collaborations many of his more reputable songs with artists in the Country genre.


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