All in all, I’m feeling a bit better about my progress today than I was around this time last week. There are eight days left in the month, and that’s roughly how many miles I’ll need to run before I hit my goal.

Date Distance (Miles) Running Total (Miles) Miles To Go Percent Complete
01 August 5.00 5.00 42.00 10.64
03 August 3.06 8.06 38.94 17.15
04 August 2.89 10.95 36.05 23.30
09 August 4.37 15.32 31.68 32.60
10 August 1.29 16.61 30.39 35.34
12 August 4.05 20.66 26.34 43.96
15 August 6.50 27.16 19.84 57.79
19 August 2.90 30.06 16.94 63.96
22 August 5.03 35.09 11.91 74.66
23 August 3.55 38.64 8.36 82.21

For some reason, after my strong start at the beginning of this month, I find myself struggling to get to the halfway point. I’m there, but getting to the next big goad of 75% by the beginning of next week looks like it will be a challenge.

Date Distance (Miles) Running Total (Miles) Miles To Go Percent Complete
01 August 5.00 5.00 42.0 10.64
03 August 3.06 8.06 38.94 17.15
04 August 2.89 10.95 36.05 23.30
09 August 4.37 15.32 31.68 32.60
10 August 1.29 16.61 30.39 35.34
12 August 4.05 20.66 26.34 43.96
15 August 6.50 27.16 19.84 57.79

Here are the files that I’ll be deleting at the end of August. Listen to them while you can!🙂

Ok, actually 32% and some change, and yes, I’ll take it!

I had planned on running while in Ocean Shores this past weekend, but a combination of new place nervousness and the fact that there really weren’t too many safe running places around our hotel lead me to stick with walking. Which we did plenty of🙂

Date Distance (Miles) Running Total (Miles) Miles To Go Percent Complete
01 August 5.00 5.00 42.0 5.00
03 August 3.06 8.06 38.94 8.06
04 August 2.89 10.95 36.05 10.95
09 August 4.37 15.32 31.68 15.32

Today’s my birthday, and I’ve decided to take the day off and drink coffee, eat some delicious comfort food, and get some reading and writing in.

Another thing that I’ve decided to do was to see if, in the month of August, I could run one mile for each full year that I’ve been around, in this case, 47. I got a couple of good runs in so far, so I’m off to a good start:

Date Distance (Miles) Running Total (Miles) Miles To Go Percent Complete
03 August 3.06 3.06 43.94 6.5106
01 August 5.0 8.06 38.94 17.1489

Drive Time Selections
: Where I pick a random release from my collection and perform a close listening, or as close of one as I can achieve while driving to and from work🙂

Artist:Public Image Limited
Release:Compact Disc (Album) (Cassette)
Label:Virgin / Elektra
Track Listing:

  1. F.F.F.
  2. Rise
  3. Fishing
  4. Round
  5. Bags
  6. Home
  7. Ease

From :Wikipedia:

Album (also known as Compact Disc or Cassette depending on the format) is the fifth studio album by English rock band Public Image Ltd, released on 3 February 1986. It features John Lydon backed by a group of musicians assembled by producer Bill Laswell, including Steve Vai, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tony Williams and Ginger Baker.

From Allmusic:

After the release of This Is What You Want, Lydon assembled yet another touring band. Martin Atkins stayed on, with Jebin Bruni and Mark Schulz joining the band’s ranks. While gigging, Bruni and Schulz assisted in writing the material that wound up on Album. Atkins left to spend more time on his own projects after touring, and Lydon again scrapped his associates prior to recording. Anyone’s first thousand guesses as to who Lydon would work with next couldn’t possibly come close, as the unlisted credits for Album read as a motley crew of established musicians who literally have no business being anywhere near Lydon, let alone in a studio with him or with one another. Well, maybe that made perfect sense, given Lydon’s ability to baffle. Bill Laswell produced and played bass, which isn’t too much of a stretch. But Steve Vai, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Ginger Baker? Baker’s involvement is especially odd since PiL played an April Fools’ joke on the press by announcing his membership in the early ’80s. “Rise” successfully marries rock with Celtic folk (a heavier Dexy’s Midnight Runners?); Lydon’s chorus is his most hospitable yet. Opener “FFF” and “Home” are other strong points, driving and defiant. The former is as good as hard rock got in 1986. But Album can be found lacking in its reliance on outright professionalism and polish, emphasizing skill over craft. Vai’s scorched shredding likely repelled Lydon’s fans more than any of PiL’s earlier attempts to alienate and frustrate. The 90-second wailing over closer “Ease” is anything but; at most points, Vai’s playing just doesn’t fit. Unfortunately, Yellow Magic Orchestra member Sakamoto pops up only a couple times. His talent is pretty much wasted here. On the whole, Album is just as generic as its title.

From me:

The truly dangerous thing about this CD is that a uninitiated person will, upon first listen, make one of two cardinal errors; they will either focus on the excellent musicianship and bypass the truly brilliant focus, or they will become so involved with the bitterness and bile that lie beneath the surface of this CD that they will forget the fact that this is a great rock CD. The fact that it is great rock is, I think, the most ingeniously subversive tack that Johnny Rotten could have taken. By making a recording that actually rocks, he thumbs his nose at the establishment. He plays their game, but makes it his own by both adhering to and rewritting the rules. Everything about Compact Disc is brilliant, from the name, to its generic-looking graphics, to its initial pounding track, to the almost tender melody of “Rise,” to the tribal “Round” and “Bags,” to the driving “Home” and to the sweeping grandeur that is “Ease,” which ends with what is possibly rock-n-roll’s most blistering, yet under-appreciated guitar solo to date. This CD is truly a classic, almost every bit one as “Second Edition.”

Once again, I’ve found myself having to play catch-up this month; I’ve made up for missing one SOTM posting and two Drink Time postings, replete with video slugs. One would think that only having to do these things once per month would give me plenty of time. One would think.

On to it!
This month:

  • Tycho: Dictaphone’s Lament
  • Trans Am;: Heaven’s Gate
  • Van Halen: Dance the Night Away
  • The Primitives: Spacehead
  • Black Eyed Peas: Looking for Nothing
  • Tony Burrell: Stewart Copeland’s Wrecked Toyshop
  • Aimee Mann: Lil’ Lil’
  • Aquabats: Pink Pants! (Featuring Strong Bad)
  • Jennifer Browne: Alive
  • Public Image Ltd.: Cruel
  • The Aquabats: Danger Woman
  • Billy Jole: You’re My Home
  • Dzihan and Kamien: Homebase
  • The Ramoned: Bonzo Goes To Bitburg
  • Trans Am: Casual Friday
  • Smashing Pumpkins: 1979
  • Bob Mould: The Receipt
  • James Taylor Quartet: Shelter
  • Alexi Murdoch: Blue Mind
  • Big Country: Hail And Farewell
  • Midnight Oil: Only The Strong
  • Adam Ant: How can I mis you?
  • Alexi Murdoch: Breathe
  • U2: All Because of You
  • Alexi Murdoch: Orange Sky
  • Aquabats: Pool Party
  • Big Audio Dynamite: Stalag 123
  • Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros: All in a Day
  • The Aquabats: Pizza Day
  • Le Orme: 08 Al Mercato Delle Pulci.mp3
  • Arthur Loves Plastic: Look at the Coffin
  • Green Day: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  • Van Hunt: Dust
  • Big Country: After The Flood
  • Herbie Hancock: The Trailor
  • Yam Yam: Sojka’s Orbit
  • Michael Franti & Spearhead: Long Ride Home

And the winners are…


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