This past weekend, I took the kids for an overnighter to Olympia, where we spent a few hours at the Hand On Children’s Museum. I personally think that out of all of the Children’s Museums in the Puget Sound area ┬áthis is the ┬ábest one that I’ve taken the kids to so far. They had lots of fun pretending to be construction workers:

…assembling crafts:
..and showing off their creations:
…and then, of course, there was this:

Songs for this weeK:

  • The Clash: Rudie Can’t Fail
  • Living Colour: Postman
  • My Bloody Valentine: who sees you
  • Michael Franti & Spearhead Feat. Lady Saw: Shake It

And the winner is:
Shake It, by Michael Franti & Spearhead

…and by “it”, I mean the 2015 Holiday Season :)

This past weekend, my family played host to a workmate of mine and her husband. Carrie and my friend from work, Marissa, happen to have common roots in Richfield, Utah, where Carrie grew up. We served yeasted waffles and breakfast sausage, while Marissa and her husband bought along fresh fruit and some whipped cream. It’s rare that I get a chance to bring someone new into Carrie and my collective lives, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

Onto the holiday season: this will be our first year in which (a) the kids will be in school (although not for the holidays, obviously), and (b) we won’t be either having family over or going to someone else’s house for Christmas / New Years. Even though I enjoy spending time with family during the holidays, it will be nice to have an Anderson-Burrell Christmas this year with just the four of us :)

Songs for this week:

  • Tal Bachman: She’s So High
  • Lorde: Team
  • Siouxse & the Banshees: Silver Waterfalls
  • FJ & The Living Souls: Bomme Diedietsang (Featuring Attaza)
  • KC and the Sunshine Band: That’s The Way (I Like It)

And the winner is:
Team, by Lorde.
AV Slug!

I’ve decided to put a bow on my CompanyB Java project, at least for a while. It’s been fun writing and maintaining this project, but I’ve decided to turn my attention towards using my open-source projects to expand my skillset into areas that I’ve really not touched in depth before, namely full-stack (and not just backend) web development.

Look for one more major release coming sometime (fairly) soon, then a full-stack repo on its heels :)

Post-Punk Classic Fusion Rock! Hip-Hop! Australian Arena Rock! Canadian Folk Rock! British Synth-Pop! New Punk Pop Rock!

Okay, maybe it all isn’t here. But there is a pretty wide range in just 6 songs, don’t you think?

Songs for the week:

  • The Clash: Sean Flynn
  • Public Enemy: Public Enemy No. 1
  • Midnight Oil: DreamWorld
  • Great Lake Swimmers: Imaginary Bars
  • New Order: True Faith
  • Green Day: Letterbomb

DreamWorld, by Midnight Oil.

Recently, I had a friend tell me that she wished that I provided links to the music that I feature in this series. I don’t provide links to all of the songs, but, if you look closely, you’ll notice that I do provide links to all of the winning selections :)

Selections for the week:

  • Los Lobos: Reva’s House
  • Midnight Olil: Luritja way
  • Tom Waits: Gun Street Girl
  • Trans Am: City in Flames
  • Sugar: If I Can’t Change Your Mind
  • Rush: Half The World

The Winner:
Half The World, by Rush.

Here we are at month eleven of my twelve month experiment in attempting to produce regular content for this blog. I’ve been fairly good about submitting these posts on a regular basis; where I haven’t done so, I’ve been fairly dilligent about catching up. However, during a recent audit, I discovered that I had missed a week and hadn’t wrote my usual catch-up post in response. So, to rectify this matter, I’ll be submitting a double batch this week, with two winners instead of one.

Week one:

  • Siouxsie & the Banshees: Partys Fall
  • The Orb: Toxygene
  • The B-52’s: Vision of a Kiss
  • De La Soul: Potholes In My Lawn
  • STS9: Atlas
  • The Ting Ting: Hang It Up

Party’s Fall, by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Week two:

  • Living Colour: WTFF
  • The Cure: Just Like Heaven
  • The B-52’s: Deviant Ingredient
  • Siouxsie & the Banshees: The Passenger
  • The White Stripes: My Doorbell
  • Rhye: Major Minor Love
  • STS9: Today

Today, by Sound Tribe Sector Nine.

I’m finally all caught up with the videos. There are some huge gaps because, evidently, videos don’t exist for a lot of the music that I listen to :)

This week:

  • Tycho: Plains
  • The Orb: A Mile Long Lump Of Lard
  • Dean Grey: Impossible Rebel
  • Kool and the Gang: Jungle Boogie
  • Frank Natale & Proffesor Trance: Atone

And the winner is: A Mile Long Lump of Lard, by The Orb
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